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It's Your Case - 2yo Labrador Dog with abdominal pain after vehicular trauma.

Welcome to It's Your Case!

In the next instalment of It's Your Case, we take a look at a case of a 2yo male neutered Labrador who presents in shock after vehicular trauma. Our cases include part one from the perspective of a radiologist interpreting the images and part two from a teleconsulting specialist discussing case management options. What do you think of the images and how would you manage this case?

Part one...

The labrador is initially stabilised with IV fluid therapy and analgesia, however progressive abdominal effusion is documented with concurrent abdominal pain. 

Watch part one of the video explanation here where we interpret the radiographs together. To review the radiographs in more detail, be sure to read the full case report here.

Part two...

Once you've finished part one, watch part two of the video explanation here where our teleconsultant will discuss case management options appropriate for this patient.

After you've watched the videos, let us know your thoughts on the case on social media!

For more details on the radiographs, see below: