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Equine Winter Webinar Series - Stifle Case Study

Stifle Case Study

A 17 year old welsh pony presented for increasingly frequent locking of the right patella in the face of increasing work to build strength. The pony was left hindlimb lame

What is the significance of the mineralised body within the caudal aspect of the stifle?

stifle LM no arrows stiflecdcr no arrows

Within the caudal aspect of the stifle joint there is a well-defined, approximately triangular mineral fragment (green arrows) consistent with mineralisation of the medial meniscus. The medial femorotibial joint space is narrowed (yellow arrow) with moderate to marked periarticular new bone formation at the medial aspect of the joint. There is moderate soft tissue swelling at the cranial aspect of the joint (red arrows). 

Diagnosis - Marked osteoarthritis of the stifle, with prolapse and mineralisation of the medial meniscus and moderate to marked effusion of the joint.