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It's Your Case - 2yo rabbit with chronic dacryocystitis.

Welcome to It's Your Case!

In the next instalment of It's Your Case, we take a look at a case of a 2 year old spayed Netherland Dwarf rabbit with chronic dacryocystitis which is non-responsive to topical treatment. A cone beam CT study of the head was provided and interpreted by one of our radiologists. Following that, part two is from our exotics specialist, Dr Copper Aitken-Palmer, discussing treatment options.

Part one...

VetCT radiologist, Dr Steven Tsai, shares his findings from the cone beam CT of the head to see if any of the findings suggest a cause for the chronic dacryocystitis.

Watch part one of the video explanation where we interpret the images together here. To read the findings in more detail, be sure to view the full case report here.

Part two...

In part two of the video explanation here our teleconsultant, Dr Copper Aitken-Palmer, discusses appropriate treatment options for this patient.

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