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WVI Wildlife Webinar Series

Join us for a wildlife webinar series with Wildlife Vets International!

To celebrate the anniversary of our charity partnership with Wildlife Vets International (WVI) and the completion of a 'round the world' challenge by our global team to virtually visit the conservation projects they support, we're delighted to host a series of veterinary wildlife webinars.

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Wildlife Webinars

The webinars will include speakers from WVI projects, highlighting the importance of endangered species conservation and the veterinary work involved, followed by a live QnA session. Anyone from within the veterinary industry is welcome to attend and register via the links below. Recordings will also be available to registrants to watch back after the live session. The webinars are free to attend, but voluntary donations to support the work of the charity are welcomed via this link.

Webinar 1 - “Does vaccinating domestic animals have a part to play in conserving wildlife?”

With Jane Hopper, Aspinall Foundation and WVI Veterinary Advisor

WVI Veterinary Advisor and Head of Veterinary Services at the Aspinall Foundation, Jane Hopper, will be talking about her contribution to research into the possibilities of vaccinating wild packs of African painted dogs against canine distemper virus. While dog owners typically come across canine distemper virus as part of their pet’s annual vaccination schedule, people are less likely to be aware of the threat the disease now poses to a wide range of wild carnivores.

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Webinar 2 - “Preventing Pandemics: African Swine Fever and its cascading impacts in Asia.” 

With Matt Linkie, WCS Indonesia

Watch the recording here.

The spread of African Swine Fever (ASF) through Asia has been devastating for the domestic pig industry and, not quite so well known, for Asian wild pig populations also. The outbreak has had a cascading impact on predators and plants in these areas. Dr Linkie has worked in Asia since the 1990s where he did his PhD in Sumatran tiger conservation. Most recently he was Deputy Country Director, WCS where his scope has included forests and climate, wildlife trafficking and One Health. As a member of the IUCN SSC Wild Pig Specialist Group, a Committee member for the Conservation Assured Tigers Standards (CATS) and, most recently, serving on the FAO/WOAH African Swine Fever Advisory Group to develop a regional One Health strategy, Dr Linkie is in a key position to tell us the One Health approach to dealing with a potential pandemic.

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Webinar 3 - “One Health: an integrated approach to wildlife and human health.” 

With Nic Masters, Toronto Zoo and WVI Veterinary Advisor

Watch the recording here. 

The recent series of infectious diseases emerging from wildlife has led to increased interest in One Health, but One Health means different things to different people. In addition to emerging human health challenges, diseases emerge in, and threaten, domestic animals, wildlife, crops and wild plants; with wild animal and plant diseases threatening biodiversity and ecosystem function. Conversely, biodiversity loss leads to increasing disease threats to people.

Join us to learn what the conservation community, and Wildlife Vets International in particular, is doing to address the loss of biodiversity.

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Webinar 4 - “Testing Tigers; The Challenges of Setting up a National Surveillance Programme.” 

Thursday 28th September at 2:00-2:45pm BST Jess Bodgener, WVI Veterinary Partner

Register here. Full details to follow soon!

Further sessions are also planned, including the plight of Echo parakeets in Mauritius, and will be announced on this page - please come back for updates!

VetCT's 'round the world' team challenge

Our team of veterinary specialists and support staff at VetCT recently completed a 21,954 mile challenge within the year to run, cycle, swim, row and otherwise exercise their way to virtually visit all 15 conservation project locations supported by the WVI. We're proud to have raised over £7000 funds for the charity through this and other initiatives, such as replacing giveaways at conferences for donations.

Any donations are hugely appreciated. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far!

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