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It's Your Case - 11yo MN Maine Coon with a history of mild chronic respiratory issues.

Welcome Back To It's Your Case!

It's Your Case returns with a fresh, new look with discussion from both VetCT radiologists and teleconsultants to give greater insight into how to diagnose and manage the case. Each case has two parts so make sure you're caught up with both video explanations for each case.

Part one...

For the first case of our new series, we bring you an 11yo MN Maine Coon with a history of chronic mild respiratory issues. The patient presented for increased respiratory rate and effort, occasional open-mouth breathing and cough. 

Watch part one of the video explanation here where we interpret the radiographs together. To review the radiographs in more detail, be sure to read the full case report here.

Part two...

Once you've finished part one, head here for part 2 where VetCT's teleconsultant will discuss case management options appropriate for this patient.

After you've watched the videos, let us know your thoughts on the case on social media.

For more details on the radiographs, see below:

IYC 6th April 1


IYC 6th April 2