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VetCT Case of the Year Competition 2022

Case of the Year Competition

 We are looking for heartfelt stories that our teleconsulting has been a part of.

 Have you got a case that VetCT has helped you with that has any of the following;?

  •  A unique pet-owner bond, a heart-warming story
  • The wow factor e.g. an exotic species, an unusual presentation, a ground-breaking surgery, a new condition
  • The ‘Awwww’ factor i.e. something very cute
  • Celebrity status e.g. a pet owned by a celebrity, or that is a media / social media star itself
  • Scale e.g. the largest… the smallest… the oldest… the most…

What’s in it for you?

Marketing - Media coverage provides a heart-warming story for the profession and/or public to enjoy and is also designed to boost the profile of both your practice and VetCT. Press releases can have a positive impact on your practice and team, boost morale, and help grow your reputation both within and beyond the profession.

Every case study will be entered into a competition and then will be put to a vote for our favourite story. 

The winning practice will receive a £500 prize to spend on something for the practice, whether that be a night out, a dinner for the team, or a new coffee machine. It’s your choice!

How to submit your case?

Please take a moment to read the permissions document via this link and, if you are happy to, sign to confirm VetCT can use the case details in the manner detailed.

We would be very grateful if you would forward the permissions document to the owner via this link, to gain their permission.

Once both are completed, drop me an email at Laura.mcnally@vet-ct.com and we will enter you into our competition!!

Looking forward to seeing your cases and good luck with the competition.