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Exotics Case - Rabbit CT

🐰 Rabbit CT Scan - Gastrointestinal Stasis

This rabbit presented with abdominal pain and gastrointestinal stasis. 

Examine the images below and see if you can determine:

💭 Which organ is indicated by the blue star?
💭 What abnormalities can you see?
💭 What is the treatment and prognosis for this rabbit?


Imaging findings:

This structure is the appendix as it connects (red arrows) to the end of the caecum that is gas-filled (green stars).

Radiographic description: There is a large tubular structure in the right caudal abdomen (1.7cm in diameter, 6cm long, orange stars), mostly fluid-filled with a small amount of collecting gas. This structure also contains cranially a denser structure (9mm by 2.5cm long, blue stars) that is partially aerated like the ingesta/faeces, but also has a mineral peripheral rim.




This rabbit went to surgery and the appendix was removed. It was infected and pus-filled. With hospitalization and supportive care this rabbit survived. Appendicitis is believed to be an under-reported cause of ileus/colic in rabbits. Diagnosis is difficult and best made with abdominal CT using contrast enhancement.