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It's Your Case - 10yo MN Labrador Retriever with intermittent gagging/hacking

It's Your Case!

Last week, we learned about esophagrams and bolus delivery so, this week we will be looking at dysphagia using fluoroscopy, in a 10yo MN Labrador Retriever, with intermittent gagging/hacking, which is worse after drinking water 💦

To take part in this weeks It's Your Case, all you need to do is follow the simple steps below 👇

📽️ Watch the video explanation here to interpret the radiographs

👀 Read the case report for further information

💭 Let us know your thoughts and findings on this esophagram, in the comments over on social media

We hope you enjoyed this week's case, stay tuned for next week where we kick off our October exotics takeover 🐍🐰

Team Academia at VetCT