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Put your hands up if you love penguins!βœ‹

Here we have an 8yo female Humboldt Penguin living at a Children's Zoo! 🐧

The penguin was taken from the zoo to the local speciality hospital to investigate:

❔ decreased appetite & regurgitation
❔ lethargy

The team at the hospital performed a CT to look at her respiratory tract & coelomic cavity to determine the cause of the clinical signs. The scans were then sent for interpretation to a VetCT radiologist. πŸ“„

The images showed that she was suffering from chronic liver disease due to hepatic lipidosis. Lipidosis can be seen in many types of birds secondary to concurrent disease & may not be the primary pathology. The primary cause of the clinical signs in this case was a foreign object in her ventriculus, which looked like a child’s Lego piece!


Image 1, is a regular 2D CT scan showing the "toy" in the ventriculus
Image 2, is a 3D image giving a clearer view of the object.

Thankfully, the veterinarian was able to rapidly remove the object using endoscopy & it turned out it was not Lego, but a piece of a floor tile where the penguins live (image 3). Mystery solved and a happy penguin! πŸ‘