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VetCT Equine Case Conundrums - October

Welcome to the VetCT Equine Case Conundrums!

We have for you another exciting equine case conundrum, hosted by VetCT's very own Dr. Lucy Meehan - one of our team of equine radiologists.

To remind you, case conundrums are imaging cases from the VetCT case archives that are not all what they seem when you first look at them 🤔 These are cases that Lucy has learnt from during her time as a radiologist and wants to share with you to learn from too!

Dive in to part 1 below and stay tuned for part 2 next week! 👇

📽️ Watch the full video here
📝 Read the case report for further information
✏️ Comment your findings over on social media and let us know what you found!

Stay tuned for part 2 next week to see if your findings and Lucy's diagnosis were correct when we take a look at the radiographs in detail. We hope you enjoyed part 1 of this case!