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VETCT WEBINAR, REGISTER NOW! 12-minute Take Homes: There is a mass in the heart, can I do anything? with Dr. Sofia Carvalho

There is a mass in the heart, can I do anything? ❤️

Many treatment options are available for patients with cardiac masses which may include surgical resection when indicated and possible, pericardiectomy, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or a combination of all of these! Prognosis is widely variable depending on various factors such as tumour type, but in the majority of cases excellent quality of life can be achieved while patients are undergoing treatment. Moreover depending on the case long survival times can sometimes be achieved.
One of the main challenges when approaching a patient with a cardiac mass is not having a definitive cytological or histological diagnosis to help us decide the most appropriate treatment approach for each specific case, which happens in the great majority of cases unfortunately. Come and join Dr. Sofia Carvalho in this interactive 12-minute webinar to discover how to best approach a patient with a cardiac mass and many of the treatment options now available! The webinar will end with a live Q&A with the speaker!

📅 Wednesday 18th August, 12:30pm - 1:00pm BST

FREE to attend, register here!