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#vetsforvets - 1 year old ME Border Collie

A 1-year old ME Border Collie was presented for exercise-induced collapse; during these episodes, the dog did not lose consciousness, remained in sternal recumbency and did not show obvious autonomic dysfunction; in between episodes the dog is absolutely normal. A video was provided by the owner.

What should we be thinking about in a presentation like this? Time to call the VetCT Telemedicine Hospital specialists perhaps?

A call was made to our #vetsforvets FREE COVID-19 hotline. One of our Boarded Neurologists advised the following: exercise-induced collapse can occur in Border Collies as a congenital disease; a specific mutation for this disease in Border Collies has not been discovered, although it is highly suspicious that it has a genetic cause. It is however important that we first rule out other differentials. A cardiology assessment including Holter monitoring whilst trying to induce a collapsing episode could be considered. If normal, and especially if CK is elevated, evaluation for possible myopathies (e.g. mitochondrial or centronuclear myopathies) could be a next step. Often referral to a neurology department is ideal in that case. If referral is not an option, supportive treatment for myopathies could be initiated, followed by observing the response over the next 4 weeks building up the exercise slowly. Supportive treatment includes L-carnitine and Co-enzyme Q10.


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