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COVID 19 - #vetsforvets

A 15 month old whippet x greyhound, previously living a happy life in Australia, was neutered 10 days ago. Surgery went fine and everything looked great up to last night. This morning there was a blood filled scrotum extending towards the penis. Blood screening indicated slightly prolonged APTT and PT.

Our colleagues remembered our #vetsforvets initiative and called our 24hr hotline, FREE during the current COVID-19 crisis. One of our friendly boarded internal medicine specialists answered the call.


The blood test results thus far were reviewed, emphasising that the mild increase in PT/APTT could well be irrelevant. Additional testing was discussed, though a bleeding tendency frequently seen in Greyhounds was deemed most likely.

Treatment with anti-fibrinolytic agent Aminocaproic acid was advised to be continued until complete healing of the surgical wound had occurred. Additional treatment with Chinese herb Yunnan Paiyao was also discussed.

Treatment is currently underway and we keep our fingers crossed for a good recovery. Our team of Boarded Specialists will be at hand for our Australian colleagues in case further input is desired.

COVID 19 - #vetforvets

We want to help frontline vets at this difficult time, so we are opening the doors of our 24hr online telemedicine hospital. Throughout April you can access free instant advice from the world's best veterinary specialists. Discover more here!