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Radiographic case study: A 4 month old French Bulldog with sudden onset lameness after tripping

Clinical history:

Sudden onset lameness on right fore leg that seemed to resolve after two days of rest. However 3 days after the initial onset of lameness the dog tripped and became lame again on the right fore leg. This also seemed to resolve on it's own within 24 hours. Radiographs were taken to investigate.

Scroll down for radiographs:

Cranio caudal view of right elbow Medio - lateral view of right elbow

Cranio caudal view of right elbow Cranio caudal oblique view of right elbow

Diagnostic interpretation:

There is a small space (2mm width) in the mid part of the humeral condyle. This space extends from the distal margin of the supratrochlear foramen to the mid part of the articular surface separating the humeral condyle in 2 parts. The bone margins at the level of this space are smooth. There is good congruity between the articular surfaces in the elbow joint. There is no sign of articular/periarticular soft tissue swelling. The growth plates in the humerus, ulna and radius are still open (within normal limits)

Space in the mid part of the humeral condyle separating this condyle in 2 parts


1. Incomplete ossification of the right humeral condyle.

Additional comments:

Given the tendency of this condition to be bilateral, radiographs of the left elbow are recommended.