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Results of VetCT best image competition

Best Radiology Image competition 2018 organised by VetCT:

see some of the hilarious images submitted all over the world in the video attached.

The WINNER of the Best Radiology Image award 2018: Dr Kelsey Cline,
with an image of discospondylitis and her own little doggie. The prize was an edition of the brand new book from Wilfried Mai:
"Diagnostic MRI in Dogs and Cats" - WELL DONE!

Final results of the votes:
1 - "Discospondyl-schnauzer (my own dog)" Kelsey Cline 44%
2 - "Guinea pig skull - Darth Vader helmet" Bennett Deddens 15%
3 - "Ingested need with intracranial migration" Blandine Houdellier 11%
4 - "Acquired shunt in a cat that looks like a "superman drangonfly" Mathieu Harel 9%
5 - "The Juggling Lion" Amy Street 9%
6 - "The happy and scary faces of radiology" Helen Dirrig 5%
7 - Various others (totalling 7%) including "Marshmallow Man" Sarah Pemberton, "The mass in the temporal muscle is compatible with an abscess, but antimicrobial therapy will not be necessary because Jesus Christ is there..." Sonia González-Rellán