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Frequently asked questions

What is teleconsulting?

Teleconsultations are remote consultations that take place between a vet and a veterinary specialist using technology to deliver care without the normal constraints of time and distance. Teleradiology is a specific type of teleconsulting and involves the remote interpretation of medical images such as radiographs, CT, and MRI examinations. At VetCT, we offer text chat, phone, written, and video consultations 24/7 through our innovative VetCT app.

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How does your teleconsulting service work?

Simply create a teleconsult in our app, choose the desired specialty, and then select from the available options. Depending on the time of day and the specialty selected, you will see different options available:

  • Instant callback
  • Text chat
  • Written report
  • Appointment

Once you have made your selection you will be given the option of either charging the teleconsult out to the owner or using your VetCT credits to pay for the case.

How does your teleradiology service work?

Simply send DICOM images direct from your digital X-ray machine, CT, or MRI scanner or use the easy DICOM image upload function on our website.

Access your case in the VetCT app to tell us more about the patient and select the turnaround time that you require. You’ll receive a notification in the app as soon as your report is ready for viewing.

All teleradiology cases are intended to be charged out to the pet owner.

How much does VetCT membership cost?

We offer both pay-per-case and subscription models to suit the needs of each clinic. For more information, please contact: sales@vet-ct.com.

Can I charge the costs of your service to the owner?

Our teleconsulting and teleradiology services are designed to be charged to the owner.

How do I charge the owner?

It is important to feel comfortable discussing the cost and benefit of specialist input with an owner. For more information and support in these discussions visit Benefits to pet owners.

Most clinics add our services into their own practice management system to make it easy for you to pass on the cost to the owner.

How do I get the VetCT App?

You can easily download the VetCT App here:

Download on the App StoreGet it on Google Play

Simply download the app and register to create a clinic account and one of our team will be in touch, or contact sales@vet-ct.com and we can set up your account for you.

Once your clinic account is ready, you can invite all the other members of your team and you’re ready to start creating cases!

Do I need the VetCT App to access your services?

Yes! You will need to create your own personal login. We have a mobile version and a desktop browser version to make access really easy. The interface is the same whether you are using a computer at work or your own mobile device.

How do I sign up for VetCT?

To sign up with VetCT, you’ll need to register, or contact our team to set up a clinic account: sales@vet-ct.com.

Once your account is ready, one member of your practice (the primary user) will be able to invite all of your team to create their own user profiles and download the app.

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Does VetCT count towards my CPD/CE target?

We’re pleased to say that all of your VetCT teleconsultations will count towards your annual CPD target*. Every time you contact us, you’ll not only be learning new skills and building your confidence, you’ll also be chipping away at your 35 hours.

*In the UK. If you live elsewhere please check your own veterinary licensing body’s rules on CPD eligibility.

What are credits?

The VetCT credit programme is our loyalty scheme to thank you for using our services. You will earn credits for using our services and you can view your credit balance in the VetCT app at any time. VetCT credits can be exchanged for a variety of benefits including in-house training, online training and VetCT courses.

This is a new initiative from VetCT and we are continuing to develop it to be as helpful as possible for all our global partners. Get in touch to find out more at credits@vet-ct.com 

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