Our company values

We hold ourselves to standards of care and excellence that set us apart.

It's crucial to our service that our entire team adhere to a rigorous set of professional values and never compromise on care or consideration.

Our professional values

  • We are vets. Everything we do revolves around care for the patient.
  • We behave with integrity and professionalism at all times.
  • We are dependable, trustworthy and responsive.
  • We enforce robust and built-in systems of quality control to ensure that the highest standard of care is maintained across our services.
  • We are striving to raise the standards of the veterinary diagnostic imaging industry.
  • We believe strongly in education, research and discussion in the veterinary profession.

Our telemedicine ethics

  • We will only report on DICOM images to ensure the highest quality of interpretation.
  • We will always recommend the optimal imaging modality for each patient.
  • We will do our utmost to ensure that imaging modalities are used in an optimal manner to make the most of each examination.
  • We believe that client and insurance funds should be used efficiently for accurate diagnosis via the most direct route.
  • We believe in fair pricing for imaging procedures that reflects the quality and costs of the imaging equipment, staff training and expertise.

Outpatient services

We believe that outpatient imaging services are most appropriate when:

The patient

  • Is in a stable condition.
  • Can be safely and comfortably transported.
  • Can safely undergo sedation/anaesthesia and recovery at the outpatient scanning site.

The vet responsible for the patient

  • Has confidently localised the body area for scanning.
  • Intends and is able to perform any further treatment themselves (In general, if referral is planned then the referral centre themselves should decide on and perform appropriate advanced imaging).

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