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Why choose VetCT?

VetCT: What’s in it for you? At a glance.

Individual Vets
  • Tricky cases become a chance to learn, upskill and build confidence
  • 24/7 virtual access to specialists through text, chat, phone, video, and email
  • Reassurance whenever you need it
  • Save time - no more waiting for advice calls for complex cases
  • No individual membership fee
  • Real-time CPD/CE* points for every case
  • Relevant practical support specific to the actual patient and situation

*In the UK. If you live elsewhere please check your own veterinary licensing body’s rules on CPD eligibility.
  • Bring a 24/7 specialist team into your practice
  • Chargeable to clients, creating a new revenue stream
  • Increased in-house case workups where full referral is not possible or appropriate
  • Reduce your CPD/CE spend
  • Rewards program to help you support your team
  • Decrease your risks of errors and complaints
  • Greater client loyalty 
  • Happier, more fulfilled vets!
  • An affordable option when costs prohibit full referral
  • Helps owners who cannot take time off work or don't want to travel
  • Rapid access to specialist advice for their pet
  • A wider range of services from their existing veterinary clinic
  • Reassurance that their pet is in the capable hands of a fully supported team