Real time CE / CPD

Developing and enhancing your professional skills is vital, but it’s another task that you need to find time for in a permanently crowded schedule.

We’re pleased to say that all of your VetCT teleconsultations will count towards your annual CPD/CE target. Every time you contact us, you’ll not only be learning new skills and building your confidence, you’ll also be chipping away at your 35 hours.

There are two forms of CPD/CE available:

CPD/CE for the consultation*

Time spent with a specialist during a teleconsult will count as CPD time. We will send each vet a certificate for your time.

CPD for follow-up reading or video viewing

After the consultation, the specialist may send you a relevant short document to read, a short video to watch, or a quiz. These bite-size (usually 5–15 minutes) learning experiences are intended to help you learn more from each patient and will be sent as a link on the specific case in your VetCT app.

*In the UK. If you live elsewhere please check your own veterinary licensing body’s rules on CPD eligibility.