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What our clients are saying about us

  • Royal Veterinary College - University of London

    Randi Drees, Dr.med.vet DACVR (Radiology, Radiation Oncology) DipECVDI (add RadOncol) Head of Diagnostic Imaging

    “VetCT provided an excellent overflow service for our service in times of radiologist shortage on site. Detailed primary reports or over-reads of preliminary reports submitted by our diagnostic imaging residents were received in timely fashion, helping to keep up with the busy clinical caseload. Having external radiologists input was especially valuable for our residents, giving them a enhanced access to working with experienced radiologists.”

  • Animal Emergency and Specialty Center (Reno), USA

    Steve Ting, DVM, Medical Director

    “As a veterinary referral center, we see radiology reports from most, if not all, of the reporting radiology services. The reports that we get from Vet CT are vastly superior to any of the other radiology services. It is easy to communicate with the radiologist from Vet CT and it is not uncommon that we will receive a phone call from Vet CT in regards to critical cases. Vet CT’s reports not only aid in making a diagnosis, but are educational as well. The addition of pictures demonstrating pathology is extremely helpful!”

  • Michigan State University, USA

    DANIEL GROOMS, DVM, PHD, ACVM, Department Chair, Professor Michigan State University

    “Since working with VetCT, our students are very engaged with the virtual rounds sessions which now provide a weekly session and touch-point with a radiologist. We use our relationship with VetCT to help alleviate the burden on our house faculty knowing that there is an extensive support network in place for overflow reporting, teaching and education development. In the absence of an in-house radiologist, VetCT has been instrumental to sustaining our radiology clinical and teaching programs.”

  • ETHOS Veterinary Health, USA

    Timothy Smith, DVM, MBA, Chief Medical Officer, DVM, MBA, Chief Medical Officer

    “As a growing group of veterinary specialty and emergency hospitals, we chose to partner with VetCT for our Teleradiology needs due to our shared values in putting quality first, advancing patient care and collaboration. VetCT provide our doctors with detailed annotated reports 24-hours a day, working closely together for the best possible patient outcome. The accessible, friendly and supportive nature of the radiologists and wider VetCT team has been a particular highlight for us”

  • Murdoch University Veterinary Hospital, Australia

    Dr. Lucas Beierer, BVSc, MACVSc, Grad Dip Ed, Small Animal Surgery Resident

    “I just wanted to let you know that we at the Murdoch surgery department greatly appreciate the inclusion of annotated radiographs alongside the reports. This aids both our interpretation of images but also facilitates quick and easy inclusion of images into our own referral reports. It has been great to have these in the reports your radiologists have provided. This is something I have not appreciated from other reporting services and is a positive point of difference in my mind.”

  • Veterinary Specialty Hospital of Hong Kong

    Alane K. Cahalane, DVM, MA, Dipl ACVS, CEO

    “I just wanted to let you know that I've decided to use your reporting services exclusively. I've been so impressed with your turn-around times and the quality of your reports. Thanks for the great work. ”

  • Highcroft Referrals, UK

    Juliet Pope BVSc CertSAS MRCVS, Soft tissue Surgery

    “The quality of the reports is second to none. VetCT are interested in your cases, and a great dialogue occurs between you and the clinician reporting on your case.”

  • 404 Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital, Canada

    Dr. Joanne Fagnou, General Manager/Medical Director DVM, CCRP

    “The radiologists at VetCT have been invaluable in allowing us to get the most diagnostic yield from our 64-slice CT. Their detailed reports not only enhance our in-house diagnostic capabilities, but communicate value to both pet owners and referring veterinarians alike. We find the images capturing and outlining the abnormalities described in the reports of particular value - every time we include a VetCT report to our referring veterinarians, these reports are, essentially, helping us to market our CT scanner's capabilities, translating into more referrals! In a marketplace where there are many options for teleradiology services, VetCT is always our first choice. We would not hesitate to recommend VetCT to our colleagues.”

  • Vastra Djursjukhuset Goteborg, Sweden

    Emma Lindblad Astrom, Veterinarian

    “I just wanted to say a great big thank you for all your help when reading our cases! In this particular report your radiologist gave me the diagnosis right away which was confirmed with histopathology that I received a couple of days later and was consistent with histiocytic sarcoma. I´m totally impressed! Thank you all for making me a better vet by getting the diagnosis straight!”

  • Vets4Pets - Sutton Coldfield, UK

    Marina Casas Moll, Veterinary Surgeon

    “I find this service excellent. Not only as an useful back up for us in those cases that need more precision, but also as a tool to practice our knowledge. All replies from VetCT are extremely clear, precise and easy to understand. We are more than happy with the service.”

  • Springfield Veterinary Group, UK

    Elizabeth McLennan MRCVS, Clinical Director

    “We were delighted with your reports. We were amazed by the turnaround time so thank you very much you provide a wonderful service. The reports were clear and concise and the annotated images were greatly appreciated. ”

  • Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH), Australia

    Dr Andrew Marchevsky, Specialist in Small Animal Surgery BVSc (Hons) MVS FACVSc

    “We have used VetCT since their inception in 2009. From the beginning their reports have been thorough, detailed and efficiently provided. As they have grown their service has only got better. Importantly the radiologists are genuinely interested in the patients and their outcomes and have always been willing to review cases in the light of clinical and surgical findings. I could not recommend them highly enough to any of our colleagues. ”

  • Eastcott Referrals, UK

    Pete Southerden BVSc MBA DipEVDC MRCVS, Director

    “It is like adding a specialist imager to the staff. Although we do a lot of advanced imaging techniques, we cannot justify the cost of employing a specialist, even with our workload. Having VetCT is the next best thing. We have a very good partnership with VetCT. We have a great deal of trust in them.”

  • City Vets, UK

    Shaun Moore, Owner

    “Thanks for the opportunity to promote such a great service. Being a first opinion practice with access to an MRI scanner, we 'had the gear but no idea'. By good fortune we found VetCT and they have provided the answer to all our problems. From initially providing us, via their contacts, with advice on MRI anaesthesia techniques and MRI compatible anaesthetic equipment, to offering us on site training and MRI workshops to enable us to be competent and confident enough to use the equipment at our disposal properly. Then ultimately once we were up and running using bespoke MRI protocols provided by VetCT to ensure we take the right images for what we were studying, we are then provided with gold standard MRI interpretation of these images by global leaders in MRI interpretation. Results are returned with astonishing speed. Support does not stop there, with VetCT having contacts at Diplomate levels in many specialties who can give further advice and support following on from the image interpretation. Prices are so reasonable and service so quick that we will soon be regularly using their service for routine interpretation and reporting of a significant number of our digital X-rays. We feel reassured and excited that as a first opinion practice, we can provide our clients with a Diplomate level of image interpretation - fast! It enables us as a first opinion practice to provide a much better in house image interpretation service than our competitors and therefore provide a better healthcare service for those animals we look after. ”

  • Murdoch University Veterinary Hospital, Australia

    Gilda Brieffies, Technical Coordinator - Diagnostic Imaging

    “I would like to thank VetCT for their outstanding assistance to our Veterinary Imaging Department over the last years. It was really refreshing working with an extremely competent and professional group whose expertise completely covered every aspect of our Veterinary Radiology requirements. I would particularly like to thank you for your efficient response times, detailed report structure and the courteous manner with which we were always dealt with. We look forward to maintaining our relationship with VetCT and enjoying a continued association for many years to come. We do love your work and cherish it and don't quite know what we would do without you!”

  • The Small Animal Surgeon Ltd, New Zealand

    Ruth Youmans, BVSc, DVCS, MVetClinStud, FACVSc,

    “Advanced imaging has become increasingly important in the management of our surgical referral cases. We have only recently started taking our cases off site for MRI and CT, and we have realised we need expert help in the interpretation of many of our studies (we do not have a specialist radiologist 'in house'). We initially approached VetCT for help with a challenging and unusual case, but given the quality, clarity and clinical emphasis of the reports we receive, we now send most of our studies for interpretation. The radiologists have taken a genuine interest in our cases, and have frequently 'gone the extra mile' and added value with advice, references, and contacting other related specialists (eg. neurology) where indicated. The turn-around time is exceptionally fast and we have been extremely impressed with the professional service provided.”

  • Radiologist

    Undisclosed name, Radiologist

    “The reports from your company are tremendous works of consulting and are the most superior product I have seen in teleradiology. I hope that your clients realise the fantastic quality.”

  • University of Sassari, Italy

    Maria Lucia Manunta, Veterinary Surgeon

    “I am very satisfied with the consulting service for MRI images. The reports are written in a clear and comprehensive manner. I’ve observed that the owner likes to see images more evocative of the study with explanations beside. The service is characterized by rapid delivery of reports.”

  • Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre, Australia

    Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre, Veterinarian

    “We have a valuable development to report regarding the imaging service we provide. Since September last year we have been using the company VET-CT, Consultants in Telemedicine, (www.vet-ct.com) to report on the Computed Tomography (CT) images we take. This group of Specialist Radiologists, based in the United Kingdom, provide a high quality radiology reporting service. They have offices in the UK and Australia which means that these reports are completed overnight and ready for us in the morning. The CT data sets are transferred digitally, swiftly and reliably. BVSC staff members communicate with the VETCT team via their website. Urgent queries can be made via phone calls to the reporting specialist. The BVSC staff group have ranked the service as excellent, highlighting the report timing and style. As a group we value the continuing professional education the reports and this service provide. Technical advice has been of great benefit in advancing and perfecting our techniques. The group run CPD courses in CT and MRI. In April, Michelle Oppelaar will be attending a one day CT course in Sydney run by VET-CT. I trust that you too, will see the benefits of this enhanced CT service we provide.”

  • Clerkenwell Animal Hospital, UK

    Mark Lindfield BVSc MRCVS, Clinical Director

    “You can learn to read CT scans or X-rays, but we cannot read them to the same depth. We don’t realise just how much more a radiologist will pick up. This service has been really important and helpful for us.”

  • Grove Referrals, UK

    Simon Gilbert MA VetMB CertSAO MRCVS, Orthopeadic Surgeon/Referral Director

    “Teleradiology is one of the benefits of modern technology because we are now able to send images across the Internet. Prior to that you would have all the delays involved in sending images by post and no access to those images while they were being interpreted. VetCT report rapidly on your images- even quicker if the case is urgent. It is as close as we get to have a tame radiologist in the practice. Reports come back quickly with helpful comments and we can always discuss it further if there are any queries. As far as clients are concerned, if we obtain a diagnosis that allows us to move forward with whatever treatment is appropriate then that is ideal.”

  • Regiondjursjukhuset Bagarmossen, Sweden

    Lisa Friling, Veterinary Surgeon

    “We have used VetCT's services for the last three years and the team has helped us reading X-ray, CT and MRI images. Their specialists always produce extremely thorough and educational reports on short notice. Their reports include, not only, a detailed description of the pathological changes and differentials but also suggest further investigations and advice to improve image quality. The report often includes images with arrows to point out the described pathology, which makes it very easy to follow. Sending images to VetCT and receiving their well-worked reports has lead to a huge growth to our own knowledge and helps us utilize our image modalities to its full capacity. With their help we have been able to give our patients correct treatment and prognosis, due to an accurate diagnosis. We are extremely thankful for the time and effort that all of the VetCT radiologists put in the reports that help us give the animals the best care and by that, also grateful owners.”

  • AniCura Odense Dyrehospital, Denmark

    Damian Strudwick and Simon Volund, Veterinarians

    “AniCura Odense Dyrehospital first started working with VetCT in conjunction with installing our new CT scanner and our need to train up a number of our personnel to a high standard quickly and comparatively cheaply, by doing it in-house instead of sending our staff to external courses. We invited Vet CT over to lecture our staff for two 2-day CT courses, which we then also opened up to external delegates. The courses were a perfect mix of catering to those who were completely new to CT and rapidly building us up to competent CT users, both in acquiring scans and reading them. We still regularly send our scans to Vet CT both for second opinions and for the more complex cases, which we are not experienced enough to assess. The service we have received has been of the highest standard at all times. The courses were very well received both internally and by the external delegates. The scan reports are comprehensive and their findings backed up by pictures of the lesions found and full explanations. They are also happy to discuss findings both on the reports and by phone afterwards. I have also never had to wait for the full 24 hour turnaround service, as they give a prompt response to the scans. I would always highly recommend VetCT, and we will work with them again in the future, both with sent scans and inviting them over to hold further courses with us.”

  • Northwest MRI Centre, UK

    James Weston, Veterinary Surgeon

    “Since using VetCT in May of this year we have been overwhelmed with the great service that we have had from them. My only regret is that we haven’t been using VetCT for the past 8 years we have owned our MRI scanner. Your service is exemplary. In the reports you have sent I have learnt more than I have in the first 5 years of using the machine. The basics are fine, but it’s the fine detail of scanning that I have been poor on and I am learning that with every scan you or your team report.”

  • AniCura Aarhus Dyrehospital, Denmark

    Lars Langerhuus, Veterinarian

    “Two things are important to us in our cooperation with a telemedicine provider. The first, and most important thing, is the quality. We need to be absolutely sure and confident that the reports are thorough, correct and provide any additional relevant information to the case. Secondly, it is rather important that it is easy to upload images and patient data, since we are very busy and do not want to spend a lot of time doing uploads. Even though is does matter to some degree, the least important thing to us is price since we charge the customer for the expert opinion. We have used VetCT as our telemedicine provider since 2009, and we have been very satisfied. The reports are always on time and the quality is high. The reports are nice graphically and it is a pleasure to show them to owners and referring veterinarians. If we have further questions to a case, answers usually come quickly. Sometimes an urgent expert opinion is needed, and we usually get a phone call or/and a written report from England within a very short time. The software they use for uploading images is brilliant. VetCT are connected to our PACS and we upload images by a single click in our system. After 20 seconds, patient data is automatically available in their system and we just have to enter history and a few information at their website, which is available by a short cut from all of our computers. It takes less than 2 minutes.”

  • AniCura Vastra Djursjukhuset, Sweden

    Anders Furvik , DVM Specialized in Surgery and Orthopedics

    “As a user of your eminent Services at VetCT I strongly support your company as our Telemedicine provider. Since we started to run our CT I must say that I´m very pleased with all your help. Accurate answers, nice presented answers with a lot of information and very quick answers.”

  • Companion Care Weston-super-Mare, UK

    Robert White-Adams, Veterinarian

    “It's one of those days – a heavy ops load… back against the wall…. and I'm looking at a chest x-ray of my small-breed dyspnoeic dog wishing again that my brain would remember the difference between all those pathological pulmonary patterns.. and what is a normal VHS for a Bichon x Shih Tzu anyway?! But it's no drama – a few simple mouse clicks on our digital X-ray machine and the images are on their way to VetCT. I jump into their easy-to-access web portal and scribble a few notes and questions – and then wake up the dog and crack on with my ops list…. It's not even 4 hours later…. Ping – you've got mail – and there is my report from VetCT – an imaging specialist's detailed take on my X-rays – there are annotated photos, lots of detail and advice. And when the owners walk through the door an hour later, I'm ready with concrete diagnoses and pills to dispense. VetCT have made it just so easy to send your images to them – and just so easy to receive their expert help too - the reports you receive are top-notch, helpful, informative, detailed… and fast. The VetCT service has become an integral part of my workflow for those tricky X-ray cases – and not just mine – it really is that simple to use that the other vets in the team are happily using the service too. The cost is extremely good value for the service provided – and clients are super-impressed that, when needed, we were able to get an expert opinion on their pets X-ray in just the few hours - and get their pet going in the right direction that very same day.”

  • University Veterinary Teaching Hospital of Sydney, Australia

    Ms. Kathy Hughes, MR/CT/PACS Senior Radiographer, AA.R. (RT)

    “We were in a difficult situation without a boarded radiologist onsite. The UVTHS Diagnostic Imaging Services included CR, CT and MR, all of which became meaningless without a radiologist report. Our patients, clients, and veterinarians depended upon our ability to provide an accurate, fast and comprehensive reading service. Fortunately we found VetCT in the UK. They provided not only a quick response and great reporting service, but were actively involved in our clinical cases. Their radiologists were willing to answer specific veterinary questions, offer other imaging recommendations, and also guided us in radiographically improving our imaging techniques. I would highly recommend VetCT as Dr. Johnson, her radiology colleagues, and the entire support staff were excellent and professional at every opportunity.”

  • Kentdale Veterinary Orthopaedics, UK

    Simon Roch CertSAS DSAS (Orth), Orthopaedic Surgeon

    “I have not found another telemedicine company that offers such a good service. The team has always been very supportive and has helped us optimize the use of our scanner. The company advises on all aspects of diagnostic imaging and modality. Our practice has been going through a learning curve with CT and the VetCT team have been invaluable.”

  • Companion Care Worcester

    Jonathan Niccol, Veterinarian

    “I have been really impressed by this service. A recent example was a case where radiographs were taken at 2pm and we had the results back by 3pm! No beating that. The way I think of this service is it is like having Victoria and her team at VetCT working with me in the practice, for the practice. The difference this makes is in the quality of the clinical interpretation for the patient. So I now feel we treat more accurately. This can only benefit our patients and our clients. I cannot imagine not having this available to the practice.”

  • Garston Veterinary Group - UK

    James Ryder BSc (Hons) BVSc CertAVP MRCVS, Partner

    “I found the service extremely useful, professional and an impressively quick turnaround. I will most definitely be using again when the need arises.”

  • AniCura Dyresykehus Oslo

    Magnus Harjen, Veterinarian

    “We have used VetCT since the hospital opened nearly 3 years ago. I have found their service exceptional. I personally use them mostly for internal medicine, oncology and neurology CT studies. The reports are always delivered within the stated time frame and very often sooner. Sometimes their reports are received within only a few hours. If an urgent report is requested, they are reliably quickly delivered, often preceeded by a direct telephone call from the radiologist with findings before they have had time to complete the final report. I find VetCT's customer service outstanding. They are always available and willing to discuss cases and findings. They also provide a lot of extra support, offering advice (free of charge) on the use of our CT machine and how to improve our studies, which has been extremely valuable, allowing us to greatly improve and expand the use of our CT machine. We have been very pleased with VetCT's services and have consequently not felt the need to try out other services. We have however received a handful of reports from other teleradiology companies (CT-series and radiographs) with referred cases and found these to be inferior to VetCT reports, both in content and completeness.”

  • Brisbane Veterinary Specialist Centre

    Ms Michelle Oppelaar, Vetereinary Radiation Therapist

    “The Clinicians generally feel very happy with the service. I have had the following comments: - “I wanted to use the service because of the overnight report possibility.” - “Thank you Michelle for organising this.” - “ The reports are a great educational tool” - “I have shown the reports to the clients” - “It’s a really good service” ”

  • Tier-Radiologie (Equine), Germany

    Jens Hanke, Medical technical assistant, Application specialist

    “We are highly satisfied with the excellent service VetCT provides for their clients. We usually receive the imaging reports within only a few hours after they were uploaded. The VetCT team provides not only first class imaging reports but also provides us with valuable advices on image aquisition. It is very helpful to have them as a partner to discuss cases with and we are very grateful that their team is always happy to share their extensive knowledge with us in order to receive the best results for each individual case. ”

  • Hambleton Equine Clinic, UK

    Phil Cramp BSc BVM&S MS Dip ACVS & ECVS MRCVS, Equine Surgery

    “At Hambleton Equine Clinic we have been using VetCT for the last 6 months and we have found their service both reliable and of a high quality. The process of uploading the images is direct, very easy and web-based platform makes it very straight forward. The reports are easy to read and the reporting is very prompt often within 24 hours which allows us to offer a very high quality service to our clients. Furthermore, VetCT have been very helpful in terms of advising us how to collect the most appropriate and best images and we really appreciate the collaborative nature of their reporting when often more than one imaging specialist is involved. An excellent service!”

  • AniCura Stavanger Smadyrklinikk

    Siri Sedberg, Veterinarian

    “As you know we are very pleased and satisfied with your services and we are more than happy to continue to use your company. We found you very helpful when we first got started and the fact that you are in Europe makes it easy to call -for example to discuss protocols before scanning as we are in the same time zone. Although different radiologists reads the scans I find it very reassuring to know that I can contact you if there should problems of any kind.  I feel confident that you would, within a very short time, address any problem that we might have.”

  • AniCura Dyresykehus Oslo

    Marie Skjetne, CT Technician

    “VetCT are always helpful regarding scan protocols and settings. Been available by phone at several occasions. Customer service is always available for questions and directs me to the person most suited for any queries. If unusual cases they always add links and other important information helpful to reach a diagnosis. If wanted, available specialists in all areas”

  • Vetscan AS, Norway

    Jo Oeding Amundstad, General Manager

    “Vetscan AS offer CT and MRI examination of small animals in 5 of the largest cities of Norway; Oslo, Bergen, Trondhein, Stavanger and Kristiansand, as well as Malmo in Sweden, and Aalborg in Denmark. Our company has benefited from the radiology expertise of VetCT for the last 18 months, receiving well-written radiology reports of high quality, including illustrative pictures of the different findings. This is something that both the the referring veterinarian and the customer value highly. Routine reports are delivered within 8-10 hours and emergency reports within 2 hours. Vetscan AS offer CT and MRI examinations 7 days a week, in addition to emergency examinations when requested. As a result of this, it is crucial and important with a professional and competent service to evaluate and analyze the examinations performed. Our company had trialled several of the other teleradiology companies, and we concluded that VetCT offered the best service and result. They are not the least costliest, however they offer the service of highest quality. We can highly recommend the radiology expertise of VetCT! ”

  • AniCura Djursjukhuset, Sweden

    Nadina Cojocaru, Veterinarian

    “For me the VetCT course really was a helpful course, I learned a lot. Think that I have seen a CT for the first time in my life in end of November 2014! ”

  • AniCura Vastra Djursjukhuset, Sweden

    Elisabeth Bademo, Veterinarian

    “We have been extremely satisfied with your service. One of our colleague even said that with the reports from VetCT there is almost no need for PADs anymore! :) I feel that VetCT have a extremely professional and friendly attitude. They reply quickly and they are more than happy to answer any questions, both regarding advice and on the technical aspect. The reports are thorough, they are an assist both for diagnostics and as an educational purpose. The educational images included in the report are not only helpful for us but also for the animal owners. I could not be more satisfied. I strongly recommend VetCT.”

  • Hong Kong Veterinary Imaging Center

    Henry C.H. Wong, Field Service & Application Engineer MEng(Lond.) AMIMechE

    “We have used VetCT services for the last couple of months, and I am thrilled with the support and Telemedicine advices they are offering. As a referral centre in our region, our referring veterinarians are willing to achieve the best diagnostic results with the assistance of an advance imaging service. VetCT is capable to provide professional assistance in setting imaging protocols as well as providing diagnostics. VetCT is our first choice as a Teleradiology provider and was chosen from our wide base of referring veterinarians.”

  • 3D Printing - Eastcott referrals, UK

    Duncan Barnes, MA VetMB CertSAS MRCVS

    “Using a life size 3d model to plan and rehearse a shoulder arthrodesis was extremely useful. There was a considerable reduction in surgical time and plate contouring was made far simpler. VetCT 3d printing service was efficient and easy to use. ”

  • 3D printing - Pride Veterinary Centre, UK

    Kinley Smith , MA VetMB PhD CertSAS DipECVS MRCVS

    “I ordered two 3D printed models from VetCT of severe bilateral angular limb deformities in a Shih-Tzu cross. The whole process took only a few days and the models were robust yet anatomically very accurate. Although measurements were made from preoperative imaging, a severe torsional deformity introduced a potentially large margin of error. Sectioning the model allowed proof of concept of the surgical plan and minor modifications were made. I would have no hesitation recommending the 3D printing service from VetCT.”

  • Hillside Veterinary Centre, UK

    Keith Moore, Veterinarian

    “We have used VetCT’s teleradiology service for radiographs for the last couple of years. As a general practitioner to have a specialist report with a high level of detail and annotation in such a short time is excellent and this has improved not only our own radiology knowledge but is a useful addition to the discussion with our clients. For those cases where referral is not an option it can open up a sensible diagnostic and procedure plan to try and manage cases in the best way possible. The whole team are helpful and supportive if there are any problems that need addressing, and once registered, the system for direct upload of radiographs to VetCT servers and the accompanying platform for all the other details works very well together.”

  • Gentle Vets, Hawaii

    Joseph Edhlund, Veterinarian

    “VetCT provides extremely useful and thorough reports in a very prompt manner. Customer service and professional quality are unexcelled. Images provided (with markers) in every report are extremely useful in making proper clinical decisions and providing surgical guidance. I have used many other radiology services and VETCT is unequivocally the best.”

  • Tierklinik am Hasenberg, Germany

    Dr. Wolfgang Sinzinger, Veterinarian

    “In der täglichen kritischen CT Diagnostik ergeben sich immer wieder Fragestellungen die auch im Gespräch zwischen Internist, Chirurg und Neurologe in unserer tierärztlichen Klinik nicht so ohne weiteres zu einer zufriedenstellenden oder eindeutigen Antwort führen. In solchen speziellen Fällen nehmen wir gerne den Service von Vet CT in Anspruch. Die Radiologen von Vet-CT arbeiten hochprofessionell und rasch, in der Regel liegen die äußerst präzisen radiologischen Befundberichte in weniger als 24 Stunden vor.”

  • 3D Printing-Bridge Vets, UK

    Dr Scott Rigg, BVMS CertSAS MRCVS

    “3D printing by VetCT is a brilliant service, in the 3 months we have had our CT scanner we have used it 3 times for corrective osteotomy planning, and each one has made the surgery much easier.”

  • Wildbore - Vetstop, UK

    Dr Dave Ellson, Director/Veterinary Surgeon BVMS BSc(Hons) MRCVS Cert PGc(SAM)

    “I would also like to say how impressed we are with VetCT overall. Everyone has been so helpful when we have called with queries/questions, reports are to a great standard and even the standard reporting times have generally been ahead of expected times. Our experience with VetCT has made setting up our CT scanner and getting started so much easier.”

  • Busselton Vet Hospital, Australia

    Dr. Richard Lucas (Owner), BSc BVMS MACVSc (Small Animal Medicine) CMAVA

    “As a general practitioner things sometimes go pear-shaped! There are often multiple demands on your time and it is tempting to cut corners. Being able to upload radiographs and get a telemedicine report, with annotated pictures, all within a few few hours has been an amazing advance for our patients, our clients and for our own sanity! Our patients benefit, our clients are impressed, and our stress levels are reduced! Now we have a specialist radiologist virtually in the hospital with us! Why don't you?! I am truly very happy with the service! ”

  • Camberwell Veterinary Clinic, Australia

    Dr Stephen Emms , Veterinarian

    “My Siemens 16 slice CT scanner makes beautiful pictures. The nuances of the pictures however are sometimes quite subtle so it is always useful to have the detailed and comprehensive interpretation from VETCT. (Would you find the 8.5mm pancreatic tumour when looking for a stomach lesion or the thickened nerve root when looking for a disc prolapse?) Reports are overnight when so requested enabling follow up procedures and surgery the following day. The comprehensive nature of the VETCT reports is the critical aspect of their service. ”

  • Vets One Group, UK

    Robert Dudley, BVetMed (Hons) PgC GPCert (SAS) MRCVS

    “The VetCT Telemedicine Hospital has been a fantastic extension of our practice that I have no doubt we will continue to use. The team are immediately available and happy to consult on any case. We have always found the discussions and advice to be clinically first-rate but also appropriate for the real world of veterinary medicine and tailored to the individual case. The ability to plug gaps in the skillset of our team and get help with tricky cases has greatly reduced our stress levels and improved the quality of our patient care, as well as expanding and updating our knowledge.”

  • Liphook Equine Hospital, UK

    Jane Boswell MA VetMB CertVA CertES (Orth) DECVS MRCVS RCVS & European Specialist in Equine Surgery, Director

    “We have used VetCT as a back-up service when we require a second opinion on CT or MR scans or need urgent reporting during busy periods. I have found VetCT very helpful and have always been impressed by their quick response times. The reports have been useful, well-considered and importantly, written by radiologists with experience of equine clinical work. I would be happy to recommend their service. ”

  • Royal Veterinary College, London

    Professor Renate Weller, Dr Med.Vet, PhD, MRCVS, FHEA

    “Vet CT has done a brilliant job in providing us with an excellent service during a time when we struggled to cover our imaging provision in-house. Their system is extremely easy to use, their service always timely and their reports of the highest professional standard. It was a real pleasure working with them. They not only helped us keep up our high clinical standards, they also contributed to our specialist teaching and our residents enjoyed and profited from their input in their training. ”

  • Easipetcare, UK

    Bryan Nicolay, DVM MRCVS, Director of Clinical Operations

    “The VetCT Telemedicine Hospital is a great innovation developed by VetCT. The system allows you to have a specialist clinician on call to deal with any complex cases. This allows us to get faster more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans for these cases and also allows us to retain these clients and patients in-house. The quality of the advice given and the friendly, supportive interactions with my teams has far surpassed my expectations. Reports are given on every case discussed, allowing for digestion of the information provided. Follow up calls were always welcomed and we always felt that Stijn and his team had a vested interest in all our cases. They have gotten to know our teams and it really is like having a specialist on the payroll at a fraction of the cost. The benefits we have seen in terms of team and individual learning, improved outcomes in complex cases and retention of business due to the decreased need to refer has far outweighed the cost of the service. I look. Forward to continuing to grow and develop our relationship with the Telemedicine hospital and would definitely advocate its benefits for any first opinion practice. ”

  • Queensland Veterinary Specialists, Australia

    Dr Lucas Beierer, BVSc GradDipEd MACVS MVetSurg DACVS-SA (Specialist)

    “As a specialist surgeon, I've accessed VetCT's services in university and private referral practice since 2011. The service is comprehensive, high quality and extremely reliable. The VetCT experts have helped with 3D printing of angular limb deformities, double-read imaging reports, and provide advice that is clinically valuable. Their annotated reports are extremely useful for myself, and my clients. Their most valuable asset however, is there team of radiologists and the immediate accessibility they provide on the phone when required - this exceeds any comparable service I have experienced.”

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Services by Vet CT

These Terms and Conditions contain limitations on Vet CT’s liability.

The Client will be asked to click to accept the Terms and Conditions when registering on Vet CT’s website at www.vet-ct.com.

1 Definitions

In these Terms and Conditions;

1.1“Authorised Users” means any employee, contractor, affiliate or other third party of the Client authorised to receive the Services on behalf of the Client;

1.2“Background Materials” means all work, materials, software and access to software, and information provided or made available by Vet CT to the Client relating to the Services which existed prior to the Contract or which were created or arose independently of the Contract;

1.3“Case” means the details of each animal patient case, including all Client Materials relating to that case, submitted to Vet CT by or on behalf of the Client (in respect of which the Services are provided);

1.4“Client” means the person, firm or company purchasing the Services;

1.5“Client Materials” means the materials, images, documents and information provided by the Client relating to the Services;

1.6“Confidential Information” means any information provided or otherwise made available by either Party (whether before, on or after the commencement of the Contract) to the other Party and which is marked as “confidential”, or is stated to be confidential, or is reasonably understood in the circumstances of disclosure to be confidential;

1.7“Contract” means this contract for services entered into between the Client and Vet CT incorporating these Terms and Conditions and includes any statement of work or other written document entered into between the parties pursuant to it;

1.8“Contract Year” means a twelve month period commencing on the date that the Client accepts the Terms and Conditions or an anniversary of such date, as applicable;

1.9“Deliverables” means the Reports and any other work and materials to be created or developed by or on behalf of Vet CT for the Client in the course of the Services;

1.10“Expenses” means the expenses (if any) additionally payable to Vet CT by the Client in relation to any Case;

1.11“Fees” means the fees payable to Vet CT by the Client in relation to each Case as specified by Vet CT prior to commencement of the Services (as may be increased from time to time pursuant to clause 3.7 below);

1.12“Key Dates” means the dates (if any) for the provision of some or all of the Services in relation to a Case;

1.13“Parties” means both Vet CT and the Client (and “Party” means either one of them);

1.14 “Registration” means online registration by the Client on Vet CT’s website;

1.15“Report” means a report created or developed by or on behalf of Vet CT for the Client in relation to a Case, including but not limited to a small animal radiographic report, a small animal MRI report, a small animal CT report, a small animal fluoroscopy report or a telemedicine report;

1.16“Services” means the services to be provided to the Client by Vet CT in respect of each Case (including the creation or development of the Deliverables), together with any other services that Vet CT provides or agrees to provide to the Client;

1.17 “Vet CT” means Vet CT Specialist Limited, company number 06955449, which has its registered office at St John’s innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB4 0WS; and

1.18“Vet CT Information” means any and all data and other information collected, summarised and/or produced by or on behalf of Vet CT and delivered to the Client by Vet CT as part of the Services.

2 Supply of Services

2.1These Terms and Conditions are the only terms and conditions upon which Vet CT is prepared to provide Services to the Client and they shall govern the Contract to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions (including without limitation any terms and conditions contained in any purchase order, specification or other document supplied by the Client).

2.2The Contract is formed at the earlier of (a) the date on which the Client accepts these terms and conditions (whether online or otherwise) (b) the date on which Vet CT commences the Services.

2.3Vet CT shall provide the Services to the Client with reasonable care and skill upon the terms of the Contract.

2.4Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the amount of time which Vet CT devotes to the Services and the manner in which it provides the Services shall be a matter for Vet CT’s own professional judgment.

2.5All Reports are an interpretation of imaging findings only. The Client shall be responsible for application of the Report in its practice and Vet CT shall not be responsible or liable for such application or any determination made on the basis of such reports in respect of the Client’s practice.

2.6Vet CT shall use all reasonable endeavours to meet the Key Dates and any other dates for the provision of the Services which may be agreed between the Parties from time to time, but these are all estimates only and time shall not be of the essence for the provision of any of the Services.

2.7Vet CT reserves the right to charge additionally, at its usual consultancy rates from time to time, for any additional services requested by the Client which Vet CT reasonably believes do not fall within the scope of the Services and which Vet CT agrees (at its absolute discretion) to provide. However, no such charges will be made or additional services provided without the prior agreement of the Client.

2.8Vet CT shall have the right to make any changes to the Services which are necessary to comply with any applicable law or safety requirement, and Vet CT shall notify the Client in such event.

2.9Each Party shall nominate a person from time to time to be the main point of contact for the other in relation to the provision of the Services.

3 Fees and Expenses

3.1In consideration for the Services to be provided by Vet CT, the Client shall pay the Fees and any Expenses to Vet CT.

3.2Vet CT will ordinarily invoice the Client for the Fees and Expenses on a monthly basis. Notwithstanding this, Vet CT may invoice the Client in relation to each Case:

3.2.1for the Fees at any time after the earlier of (a) the date on which the Client accepts these terms and conditions and (b) the date on which Vet CT commences the provision of the Services for that Case; and

3.2.2for the Expenses at any time after they are incurred by Vet CT.

3.3The Client shall pay Vet CT’s invoices in full, in pounds sterling, within 14 days of the date of invoice, without any set-off or deduction. Time for payment of Vet CT’s invoice(s) shall be of the essence of the Contract.

3.4If any payment of Vet CT’s invoice(s) is not made by the due date, then without prejudice to any other right or remedy to which Vet CT may be entitled, Vet CT may claim interest under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998 and/or may suspend the Services until payment is made in full (in which case the Client shall be liable for any resultant costs and expenses incurred by Vet CT).

3.5Notwithstanding any other provision of this Contract, all payments due to Vet CT under this Contract shall become due immediately upon its termination.

3.6The Fees, Expenses and any other sums payable to Vet CT under this Contract are exclusive of VAT and any other applicable sales tax, which the Client shall additionally pay to Vet CT at the applicable rate from time to time.

3.7Vet CT may from time to time increase the Fees on 30 days’ written notice to the Client. Details of the increase shall either be set out in the written notice and/or confidentially published on the Vet CT website, details of such confidential location being set out in the written notice.

4 Intellectual Property Rights

4.1All intellectual property rights and other rights in the Background Materials shall (as between Vet CT and the Client) remain the property of Vet CT.

4.2All intellectual property rights and other rights in the Deliverables and the Vet CT Information shall (as between Vet CT and the Client) be owned by Vet CT and shall vest in Vet CT upon creation.

4.3Vet CT hereby grants to the Client a non-exclusive, royalty free, non-sub-licensable and revocable licence to use the Deliverables for the purposes of the operation of the Client’s veterinary surgery, practice, hospital or clinic (including the right to show the Deliverable to customers of the Client). The Client shall not reproduce or publish the Deliverables without the prior written consent of Vet CT.

4.4Any suggested modifications or improvements to the Services submitted to Vet CT by the Client or any Authorised Users of the Client shall be the exclusive property of Vet CT to exploit or to not exploit as Vet CT solely deems appropriate.

5 Obligations of the Client

5.1The Client shall:

5.1.1ensure that the details of each Case provided to VetCT are complete and accurate;

5.1.2obtain and maintain all necessary licences, registrations, permissions and consents which may be required for the Services.

5.2The Client shall send Client Materials and instructions to Vet CT and shall not instruct or provide materials to the consultants or employees of Vet CT directly.

5.3Subject to clause 5.4, it is a condition of this Contract that the Client is fully licensed as a veterinary surgery in every jurisdiction in which it examines, diagnoses and/or treats animals and it is a further condition of this Contract that the Client at all times complies with all relevant laws and regulations in such jurisdictions pertaining to the examination, diagnoses and treatment of animals. The Client undertakes and warrants to Vet CT that it shall maintain such licensing and observe all such laws and regulations for the duration of the Contract.

5.4Where the Client is not a licensed veterinary surgery, Vet CT may agree in the writing to waive the condition at clause 5.1 above provided that it shall be a condition of this Contract that the Client maintains a veterinary surgeon as an employee or consultant of the Client who is fully licensed in every jurisdiction in which he or she examines, diagnoses and/or treats animals and who is nominated by the Client as the sole recipient to receive and analyse reports from Vet CT. It is a further condition of this Contract that such veterinary surgeon shall at all times comply with all relevant laws and regulations in such jurisdictions pertaining to the examination, diagnoses and treatment of animals. The Client undertakes and warrants to Vet CT that it shall maintain the employment or consultancy of such veterinary surgeon and warrants that such veterinary surgeon shall observe all such laws and regulations for the duration of the Contract.

5.5The Client shall at its own expense provide Vet CT with all the cooperation and with all the Client Materials which Vet CT may reasonably require to provide the Services. The Client is solely responsible for obtaining and maintaining all telephone, computer hardware and other equipment needed to access or use the Services and all related charges.

5.6The Client undertakes to Vet CT that the Client Materials it provides to Vet CT shall be of sufficient detail and of sufficient quality to allow Vet CT to perform its obligations under this Contract.

5.7The Client shall maintain primary copies of all Client Materials and the Client confirms that Vet CT shall not be responsible for maintaining, storing or returning Client Materials unless otherwise agreed in writing between the parties.

5.8The Client warrants that the Client Materials shall be accurate in all material respects and that their use by Vet CT for the purposes of providing the Services shall not infringe the intellectual property or any other rights of any third party. The Client shall indemnify and keep indemnified Vet CT against any losses, damages, costs or expenses (including reasonable legal expenses) which arise out of or in connection with any breach of either or both of these warranties.

5.9If Vet CT’s performance of its obligations under this Contract is prevented or delayed by any act or omission of the Client, its agents, sub-contractors, consultants or employees, Vet CT shall not be liable for any costs, charges or losses sustained or incurred by the Client that arise directly or indirectly from such prevention or delay.

5.10The Client shall not, at any time from the commencement of this Contract until six (6) months after the completion of the Services, solicit or seek to entice away from Vet CT any person who is, or has been, engaged as an employee, consultant or sub-contractor by Vet CT in the provision of the Services.

6 Storage and Publicity

6.1Vet CT shall be entitled to name the Client in its published lists of clients, and to use anonymised copies and images of the Deliverables in Vet CT’s own publicity materials as examples of Vet CT’s work for the Client and the Client hereby consents to such activities.

6.2VetCT shall be entitled to retain, use and publish anonymized versions of the Client Materials for the purposes of teaching, publicity, research and otherwise operating and developing the Vet CT group’s business and the Client hereby grants a perpetual, royalty free licence to Vet CT (and its affiliates) for such purposes. For the avoidance of doubt, the Client Materials shall cease to be Confidential Information once anonymized.

6.3Where the Client has requested that Vet CT stores Client Materials in relation to a Case, the Services provided by Vet CT in relation to the Case shall include storage and Vet CT shall store and process the Client Materials in accordance with the Client or its Authorised Users’ written instructions. The Client acknowledges that Vet CT is under no duty to investigate the completeness, accuracy or sufficiency of any instructions or the Client Materials. Vet CT will take reasonable precautions to preserve the integrity of any Client Materials it stores and to prevent corruption or loss of Client Materials.

7 Confidentiality

7.1Each Party agrees to use the other Party’s Confidential Information solely for the purposes of the Contract and not, at any time during the term of the Contract or for a period of one (1) year thereafter, to disclose the same whether directly or indirectly, to any third party (other than, in the case of Vet CT, to its affiliates and sub-contractors who are under equivalent obligations of confidentiality as are contained herein) without the other Party’s prior written consent.

7.2The restriction in clause 7.1 shall not apply to Confidential Information: (a) which was public knowledge or already lawfully known to the receiving Party at the time of disclosure to it, or (b) which subsequently becomes public knowledge other than by a breach of a duty owed to the first disclosing Party, or (c) which subsequently comes lawfully into the possession of the receiving Party from a third party, or (d) to the extent that it has to be disclosed by law.

8 Liability

8.1This clause 8 sets out the entire financial liability of Vet CT (including any liability for the acts or omissions of its employees, agents, consultants and sub-contractors) to the Client under or in connection with the Contract, whether arising in contract, tort, negligence, breach of statutory duty or otherwise.

8.2Except as expressly set out in the Contract, all warranties, conditions and other terms implied by statute or common law are, to the fullest extent permitted by law, excluded from this Contract.

8.3Nothing in this Contract shall exclude or limit the liability of Vet CT for death (of a natural person) or personal injury (of a natural person) resulting from negligence, or for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, or for any other liability that cannot be excluded or limited by law.

8.4Subject to clause 8.3:

8.4.1Vet CT shall have no liability for any damage to or loss of property, loss of profits, loss of business, loss of reputation, loss of anticipated savings, loss of or corruption of data;

8.4.2Vet CT shall have no liability for any special, indirect, consequential or pure economic loss; and

8.4.3subject to clauses 8.4.1 and 8.4.2, VetCT’s total liability for direct loss in tort, contract or otherwise arising under or in connection with this Contract shall be limited (i) for any claim relating to a Case, to the Fees paid or payable in respect of that Case, and (ii) in any event, to the total Fees paid or payable in the Contract Year to which any claim made under or on connection with this Contract relates (or, after expiry or termination, to the Fees paid or payable in the final 12 months of this Agreement).

8.5The Client shall indemnify Vet CT against any claims, losses, damages, costs (including all legal fees) and expenses incurred by or awarded against Vet CT arising out of or in connection with the storage or use of the Client Materials in accordance with the terms of this Contract and/or any use by the Client of the Deliverables, except to the extent that the claims against Vet CT have arisen out of or in connection with any negligence or wilful default of Vet CT.

9 The Client’s rights to cancel and applicable refund

9.1Before Vet CT begins to provide the Services for any Case, the Client has the following rights to cancel the Services for that Case, including where it chooses to cancel because Vet CT is affected by a Force Majeure Event or if Vet CT change these Terms and Conditions under clause 12.5 to the Client’s material disadvantage:

9.1.1The Client may cancel the Services for any Case at any time before the start date for those Services by contacting Vet CT. Vet CT will confirm the cancellation in writing.

9.1.2If the Client cancels Services under clause 9.1.1 and has made any payment in advance for Services that have not been provided, Vet CT will refund these amounts to the Client.

9.1.3However, if the Client cancels Services under clause 9.1.1 and Vet CT has already started work on those Services by that time, the Client will pay Vet CT any costs Vet CT reasonably incurred in starting to fulfil the Services, and this charge will be deducted from any refund that is due to the Client or, if no refund is due, invoiced to the Client. Vet CT will inform the Client what these costs are when the Client contacts Vet CT. However, where the Client cancels Services in respect of any Case because of Vet CT’s failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions (except where Vet CT have been affected by a Force Majeure Event), the Client does not have to make any payment to Vet CT.

9.2Once Vet CT has begun to provide the Services, the Client may cancel the Contract at any time by providing Vet CT with at least 30 calendar days’ notice in writing. Any advance payment made for Services that have not been provided will be refunded to the Client.

9.3Once Vet CT has begun to provide the Services, the Client may cancel the Contract with immediate effect by giving Vet CT written notice if:

9.3.1either of the events specified in clause 10.2.2 apply to Vet CT;

9.3.2these Terms and Conditions are changes pursuant to clause 12.5 to the Client’s material disadvantage;

9.3.3Vet CT is affected by a Force Majeure Event.

10 Term and Termination

10.1Subject to earlier termination in accordance with clause 8.4.3 or this clause 10, this Contract shall remain in force until the completion of the Services.

10.2Either Party may, by notice in writing to the other Party, terminate this Contract without incurring liability to the other Party:

10.2.1for any reason on 30 days’ written notice; or

10.2.2immediately if the other Party:

(i)is in material breach of any term of the Contract and fails to remedy such breach (if capable of remedy) within twenty eight (28) days of having received written notice of such breach from the complaining Party; or

(ii)goes into liquidation, becomes bankrupt, has a receiver appointed, makes a composition or voluntary arrangement with its creditors or enters administration, or ceases (or threatens to cease) trading, or takes or suffers any similar or analogous action in consequence of debt.

Termination (however caused) or expiry of this Contract shall be without prejudice to any rights, obligations or liabilities accrued at the date of termination or expiry. The provisions of this Contract which expressly or impliedly have effect after termination shall continue to be enforceable notwithstanding termination or expiry, including without limitation all the provisions of clauses 6, 7, 8, and 12.

11 Force Majeure

11.1Vet CT shall have no liability to the Client under or in connection with the Contract for any delay or failure in performance, in whole or in part, if such delay or non-performance is due to any cause beyond Vet CT’s reasonable control (“Force Majeure Event”).

12 General

12.1All notices under the Contract shall be in writing and shall be delivered by hand or sent by first class post (or by air mail if to/from outside the UK) or by fax (confirmed by first class or air mail post as applicable) or by email to the other Party at its address provided at Registration or such other address as may at the relevant time have been notified. Notices sent in accordance with this clause shall be deemed to be received (i) at the time of delivery if delivered by hand, (ii) two working days after posting if sent by post or (iii) at the time of sending if sent by fax or email during working hours on a working day (and otherwise the first working day after sending) unless a failed to send or other message of non-delivery is received by the sender. This clause shall not apply to the service of any proceedings or documents in any legal action.

12.2The Client may not assign or transfer the Contract or any of its rights under this Contract without Vet CT’s prior written consent. Vet CT may assign or transfer the Contract to any subsidiary of Vet CT or any company within the group of Vet CT and may carry out some or all of its obligations under the Contract through any third party sub-contractors.

12.3This Contract constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties with regard to its subject matter and supersedes and replaces any prior arrangement, understanding or statement between them relating to it. The Client acknowledges that, in entering the Contract, it does not rely on any statement, representation, assurance or warranty of any person (whether a Party or not) other than as expressly set out in the Contract. However, nothing in this clause shall limit or exclude any liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

12.4Subject to clause 12.5, no variation to these Terms and Conditions shall be valid unless agreed in writing.

12.5Vet CT reserves the right to vary these Terms and Conditions from time to time. Whenever these Terms and Conditions are varied by Vet CT, Vet CT shall notify the Client via the Company’s website of any proposed amendments to these Terms and Conditions at least 28 days in advance of such amended Terms and Conditions (“Amended T&Cs”) being published on the Company’s websites (“Publication”). The Amended T&Cs shall constitute the Terms and Conditions from the date of Publication provided that the Amended T&Cs shall not apply to any Services instructed on or before the date of Publication.

12.6Nothing in this Contract shall constitute or be deemed to constitute a partnership or relationship of agency between the Parties and neither Party shall have any authority to bind the other in any way.

12.7No failure or delay by Vet CT to exercise any right under the Contract shall be deemed to be a waiver of that right, nor preclude the exercise or enforcement of it at any later time.

12.8If any provision of the Contract shall be held to be illegal or unenforceable, the enforceability of the remainder of the Contract shall not be affected.

12.9The Contracts (Right of Third Parties) Act 1999 shall not apply to the Contract and nothing in the Contract shall give any third party any benefit or any right to enforce any term of the Contract except as expressly set out herein.

The Contract (including without limitation non-contractual disputes or claims relating to the Contract and its subject matter or formation) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law and by entering into the Contract each Party irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.